"The Others" are members of the prison population in Oz that consists of inmates with no gang ties or affiliations to certain ethnic or racial groups, and who maintain neutrality in most situations.

Tobias Beecher, Augustus Hill, Bob Rebadow, Agamemnon Busmalis, Chris Keller and various others are examples of "the others". There are also former members of the gangs that have become "the others" due to their personal dilemmas with the gangs themselves or are attempting to "go straight" in hopes of personal redemption or making parole. In the case of Chris Keller, a former Aryan, it is due to the fact that his former group had disgusted him for their actions and also because of his loyalty to Tobias Beecher. In the case of Augustus Hill, it is due to his injury which left him unable to walk and him being clean and sober for many years, thus his unwillingness to use and sell drugs with the Homeboys. The others blend in and are on good terms with each other usually staying out of the racial conflicts, gang business and the drug issues that Oz inmates are subjected to.

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