The Gays are one of the many prison gangs inside Emerald City. They are viewed as one of the weakest gangs in Oz, both because the majority of inmates in Oz are homophobic and because they are not in control of anything. The gays are lead by Richie Hanlon until his death, then by Tony Masters, and then by Alonzo Torquemada when he arrives to Oz. In the first half of the series, two of their members, Billie Keane and Richie Hanlon, are bullied respectively by The Italians and The Aryans. In second half of the series, however, some of the gang collaborate with The IrishThe ItaliansThe Muslims and The Latinos due to their personal friendships. The Gays include Rohan Quine and Fiona Zonioni. Most of the time the gang members are background characters, but occasionally they hold importance to the storyline of major character.

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