Tariq Faraj is a prison dentist played by Aasif Mandiv

Season 5[edit | edit source]

Of Pakistani origin, he is hired as Oz's dentist after Dr. Kochurn leaves. He appears in Season 5 when Aryan Brotherhood member James Robson needs a dental check up. He tells Robson that his gums are showing recession and he has two choices for surgery: An acellular dermal graft, which involves implanting the gum tissue of a dead person, or Parital tissue from the roof of his mouth, with the first choice being the less painful over time. Robson, a member of the White Supremacist gang The Aryan Brotherhood, spends the entire time berating Faraj, calling him "Camel Shit", "Goonga," and "Towel Head." Robson then chooses the accellular dermal graft method of surgery. Faraj, angered by Robson's use of racial slurs, plots revenge. During the surgery, Robson asks for more anesthetic gas, prompting Faraj to state "What is it with you Nazis and gas?" starting a conversation about how Robson's ideology is warped and ignorant. Throughout the surgery he claims that the gums could have came from anyone including a Jew, Latino, Gay, or even a Black man. This leaves Robson in shock, wondering if he can stay active in the Aryan Brotherhood. CO Adrian Johnson then informs Faraj that Robson is looking to see him and as a result he turns in his resignation to Warden Leo Glynn. After a meeting with an angered Glynn, Faraj sees inmate Arnold "Poet" Jackson. He then pays Poet to spread the word about the gums that Robson has received and at lunch that day, he and Ryan O'Reily tell everyone about Robson's new "ghetto gums." Angry, Robson confronts Faraj, who then hits him in the mouth with a telephone and tells him the truth about his gums--he made 100% sure they did NOT come from a Caucasian, as revenge for Robson's racist behavior. He then tells CO Vig D'Agnasti about Robson attacking him and as a result, Robson is taken to the hole. While he is sent to isolation, Aryan leader Vernon Schillinger disowns Robson from the Aryan Brotherhood, since his blood is no longer "pure." Robson ends up cutting out his own gums with a razor blade.

The Staff

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