The birth mother of Ryan O'Reily. She abandoned Ryan as a three month old baby at the age of 17 when she ran off after getting involved with a 70's militant protest movement that ended in the murder of a cop, forcing her to flee and abandon Ryan to see the world and run from her problems. Eventually feeling guilt for abandoning her child and world weary from running from her crimes, she comes to Oz after turning herself in after 30 years and gets community service 2 years. She starts teaching act and singing classes in Oz and grows close to Ryan and Cyril O'Reily.

Also has romantic history with former Black panther Jahfree Neema during her protesting years.

She was played by singer/actress Betty Lynn Buckley.

In Season 6 episode 8 Seamus O'Reily arrives in Oz, the father of Ryan O'Reily.

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