Throttlin' Steve Pasquin

Steven "Throttlin' Steve" Pasquin is a Biker inmate featured in Oz. Portrayed by John Perretti.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

During the Boxing Tournaments in Season 3, Pasquin is chosen as the representative for the Bikers. Pasquin is featured in the first match of the tournament fighting against the Italians' representative Chucky Pancamo. After touching gloves, the fight begins, Pasquin gets into fighting stance, and is about to strike, but is struck once in the face by Pancamo and is immediately floored. The referee goes to check on Pasquin and it is evident that Pasquin is unconscious. The match ends and Pasquin is dragged away, and is not seen again.

The Bikers

Jaz Hoyt - Scott Ross - Max Sands - Steve Pasquin - Frank Manhardt - Jim Burns

Characters who took part in Boxing

Chucky Pancamo - Kenny Wangler - Hamid Khan - Cyril O'Reily - James Robson - Jason Cramer - Miguel Alvarez - Steve Pasquin

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