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Richard L'Italien
Richard L'Italien
First appearance "Capital P" (episode 1.04)
Last appearance "Capital P" (episode 1.04)
Reason/Cause Executed by Lethal Injection
Prisoner No. 97L641
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 41 (Deceased)
Date of Conviction April 3, 1997
Date of Death July 28, 1997
Affiliations Death Row
Spouse Unspecified
Relatives Unspecified
Kill Count 40
Episode Count 1 Episode
Portrayed by Eric Roberts
"You sound just like a shrink I had once in juvie. She tried to tell me that I hated women. I showed her."
Richard L'Italien[src]

Richard L'Italien was a Death Row inmate and a self confessed serial killer featured in Oz. Portrayed by Eric Roberts.

Plot Summary[]

"Prisoner number 97L641, Richard L'Italien. Convicted April 3, '97 - Murder in the first degree. Sentence: Death."
The Narrator[src]

Season 1[]

L'Italien is already on death row when Jefferson Keane is sentenced for murder within the prison and is scheduled to be executed by lethal injections a day after Keane's execution. L'Italien shows no remorse for his crime, and does not seem to take his sentence seriously. He nevertheless decides to appeal.

Once Keane is dead, Warden Leo Glynn informs L'Italien that his appeal has been denied. L'Italien then confesses again to Jennifer’s murder to a confused Glynn. L'Italien then reveals he previously killed another woman, but was never caught, Glynn says he'll tell the authorities, but L'Italien states he's not finished yet, and calmly lists the names of 38 more victims, all of which are women.

In conversation with Father Ray Mukada, L'Italien explains that, in his eyes, a true man is a "man of power" who is never controlled by anyone. He also reveals he always wanted to attend the Bohemian Grove, a retreat of the world's most powerful men held in San Francisco, until a Supreme Court ruling forced the club to admit women.

L'Italien reveals that he murdered his victims because he is afraid of being "owned" by a woman. Mukada realizes there is nothing more he can do for L'Italien except absolve his sins. As L'Italien is strapped down and injected, he becomes afraid and attempts to relax with a yo-yo which he has been playing with throughout his duration in the episode.

Kill Count[]


  • 23 other women: All suffocated to death.
  • Dorothy Paine: Suffocated to death.
  • Ethel Peterson: Suffocated to death.
  • Gertrude Victor: Suffocated to death.
  • Mary Rapp: Suffocated to death.
  • Christina Trudell: Suffocated to death.
  • Eleanor Hughes: Suffocated to death.
  • Linda Lomaz: Suffocated to death.
  • Lisa Masters: Suffocated to death.
  • Lorraine McCarthy: Suffocated to death.
  • Betty Case: Suffocated to death.
  • Irene Martin: Suffocated to death.
  • Amelia Nugent: Suffocated to death.
  • Elizabeth Phelps: Suffocated to death.
  • Lucille Upton: Suffocated to death.
  • Esther Vaughan: Suffocated to death.
  • Jennifer Miller: Suffocated to death. (1997)


Season 1


Death Row

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