Mark Miles
First appearance "A Cock and Balls Story" (episode 4.01)
Last appearance "You Bet Your Life" (episode 4.08)
Reason/Cause Murdered by Moses Deyell
Prisoner No. 97M573
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 50s (Deceased)
Date of Conviction July 10, 1997
Date of Death August 30, 2000
Affiliations Death Row
Spouse 2 Ex-Wives (Both Deceased)
Children 3
Kill Count 5
Episode Count 8 Episodes
Portrayed by Mike Quill
"I said shut up, you fucking black bastard!"
Mark Miles[src]

Mark Miles was a Death Row inmate featured in Oz. Portrayed by Mike Quill.

Character Summary[edit | edit source]

"Prisoner number 97M573, Mark Miles. Convicted July 10, 1997 - Three counts of murder in first degree. Sentence: Death."
The Narrator[src]

A racist, Mark Miles kills his first wife and son, but pleads insanity and is sent to a mental hospital for 10 years. He is sentenced to death after killing his second wife and two daughters. On death row, Miles takes special delight in tormenting Moses Deyell and Nat Ginzburg.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Season 4, Part I[edit | edit source]

As soon he is convicted, Mark begins insulting everyone on Death Row. He gets Shirley Bellinger's mirror after she is executed on request from Sister Pete, who Bellinger entrusted to her things. He buys a paintbrush and some paints and starts to paint his own picture on his cell's wall. When Ginzburg begins succumbing to AIDS symptoms, Miles can't sleep because of his cough. When Ginzburg dies, Miles starts screaming racial slurs to Deyell. Deyell punches the wall in anger, breaking his hand. Moses then starts digging a tunnel in the wall which separates his and Miles's cells.

As Miles' execution nears, Leo Glynn goes to his cell and asks him how he wants to die. Frightened, Miles starts crying, which Deyell mocks. Miles finishes his painting. In the same minute, Moses finishes his tunnel and, with a punch (brought on by another one of Miles' racist insults), breaks the wall and starts strangling Miles, who dies before guard Len Lopresti could do anything.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 4, Part I

Kill Count[edit | edit source]


  • First Ex-Wife & Son: Both shot to death with a shotgun. (1987)
  • Second Ex-Wife & Two Daughters: All shot to death with a shotgun. (1997)

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