Lionel Kelsch
First appearance "Sonata da Oz" (episode 6.03)
Last appearance "Exeunt Omnes" (episode 6.08)
Reason/Cause End of Series
Prisoner No. 97K186
Gender Male
Age 40's (Deceased)
Date of Conviction Sometime in 1997
Affiliations The Others
Spouse None
Relatives None
Kill Count 2
Episode Count 4 Episodes
Portrayed by Tony Hoty

Lionel Kelsch is an fictional character played by Tony Hoty.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Season 6[edit | edit source]

He is first seen in the hospital; he pretends he's having a major itch in order to distract one of the CO's. This is so other inmate Willy Brandt can kill Mayor Wilson Loewen on the orders of a CO Adrian Johnson. Johnson has connections to Perry Loftus that are revealed when Willy Brandt says that Adrian Johnson ordered the hit. Perry Loftus then gets Adrian Johnson go to Unit J to kill Willy Brandt and Warden Leo Glynn. After Glynn is murdered, inmate Henry Stanton goes and tell McManus that Kelsch was the one who murdered Brandt and the Warden. Kelsch is sent down to the hole and Tim McManus tells Kelsch that they forget to bring food sometimes. Kelsch then tells McManus that Adrian Johnson ordered him to kill Leo Glynn and Willy Brandt.

Kill Count[edit | edit source]



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