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Kiki Faye Downing
Rohan Quine as Downing in 'Oz' 23.jpg
First appearance "The Routine" (episode 1.01)
Last appearance "Famous Last Words" (episode 4.16)
Reason/Cause unknown
Prisoner No. 94D696
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 20s
Date of Conviction Sometime in 1994
Affiliations The Gays
Spouse None
Relatives None
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 25 Episodes
Portrayed by Rohan Quine

Kiki Faye Downing is an effeminate gay inmate featured in "Oz", portrayed by Rohan Quine.

Character Summary[]

Kiki Faye Downing, played by Rohan Quine, is an effeminate gay inmate – one of the Gays in the Emerald City wing. Throughout Seasons 1-4 Kiki is seen in flamboyant outfits around Em City and in the dining hall. He speaks in one episode, and is also prominently featured in the following eight scenes labeled (1)-(8) below, the first of which is used in the opening credits of Season 1.


Rohan Quine - New York - "Oz"

Rohan Quine, as Kiki Faye Downing (inmate 94D696) in "Oz"

Plot Summary[]

Season 1[]

(1)   In Season 1, episode 5, “Straight Life” (the 5th of all 56 Oz episodes):[]

When Tobias Beecher snorts drugs on his way to visit Sister Peter Marie Reimondo, Kiki Faye Downing is sitting alone on a bench in the corridor outside her office, waiting to see her for psychiatric or religious counseling. Peering in slow motion at Kiki’s skinny androgyny and make-up, the drugged-out Beecher lingers over him in horrified fascination: as the kind of inmate who clearly could only survive in Oz by being a sex-slave, Kiki is a vision of the sort of doom that may soon await Beecher himself after Vern Schillinger has carried out his plan to give Beecher a feminizing make-over as Schillinger’s prag.

A shot of Kiki in this scene is in Season 1’s opening credits.


Season 3[]

(2)   In Season 3, episode 6, “Cruel and Unusual Punishments” (the 22nd of all 56 Oz episodes):[]

Kiki Faye Downing appears in a black sequined dress in the boxing-ring as “ring girl”, in the match between Chucky Pancamo and Cyril O'Reily. When Kiki holds up the card for round 2, both boxers are still competing energetically; but by the time Kiki displays the card for round 3, Pancamo is slow and bleary, having been drugged by Ryan O'Reily.

(3)   In Season 3, episode 6, “Cruel and Unusual Punishments” (the 22nd of all 56 Oz episodes):[]

Kiki Faye Downing and Tony Masters are summoned to meet Chucky Pancamo at his cell. Smiling, they are evidently about to be used in some way as pawns in Pancamo’s plan to prevent Antonio Nappa from writing his memoirs with the help of Nat Ginzburg – memoirs that Pancamo fears will implicate other Italians.

(4)   In Season 3, episode 7, “Secret Identities” (the 23rd of all 56 Oz episodes):[]

With Antonio Nappa’s memoirs now written and ready to be sent out on a floppy disk, Nappa is betrayed by his co-writer Nat Ginzburg, when Ginzburg takes an envelope containing this disk and surreptitiously pushes it into Kiki Faye Downing’s red-nail-polished fingers while lying in the hospital wing. Kiki and Tony Masters then return to the cell door of this betrayal’s instigator, Chucky Pancamo. There, Kiki is summoned inside to hand the floppy disk to Pancamo, who crushes it in his fist. Pancamo rewards Kiki with a carton of 200 cigarettes, then asks Kiki to confirm that Ginzburg will kill Nappa, which Kiki confirms.

(5)   In Season 3, episode 7, “Secret Identities” (the 23rd of all 56 Oz episodes):[]

When Jason Cramer represents the Gays in a semi-final boxing match against Hamid Khan, Kiki Faye Downing is a wildly enthusiastic supporter of Cramer. Kiki grabs the card for round 2 and is just about to enter the boxing-ring in order to be “ring girl” for a second time, when a bitchy squabble erupts as Fiona Zonioni snatches the card from his hands and plays “ring girl” instead of him.

Season 4[]

(6)   In the First Part of Season 4, episode 2, “Obituaries” (the 26th of all 56 Oz episodes):[]

When Jason Cramer tells his fellow Gays in the dining hall about the jury’s homophobic prejudice during his own trial, Kiki Faye Downing and Fiona Zonioni speak their indignation at this – but are then glad when Cramer goes on to say that this very prejudice itself may be something he could use to get his sentence overturned.

(7)   In the First Part of Season 4, episode 7, “A Town Without Pity” (the 31st of all 56 Oz episodes):[]

When the names of the non-black Gays are announced without warning as inmates who are being moved out of this open-plan “experimental wing” of Emerald City, Kiki Faye Downing’s reaction of shock and extreme apprehension are echoed by Tony Masters and Fiona Zonioni: for just beyond officer Claire Howell’s breezy order to them “Let’s go, ladies”, they will all three now be thrown into the dangers and unpredictable upheavals involved in finding new survival outside Em City in the regular prison wings of “Gen Pop” or general population.

(8)   In the Second Part of Season 4, episode 1, “Medium Rare” (the 33rd of all 56 Oz episodes):[]

When a film crew arrive to make a documentary on life in Oz, Kiki Faye Downing blows an extravagant kiss towards news producer Lisa Logan’s camera.