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"That motherfucker's dead!"
Kenaniah Maxwell after Beecher kills Schillinger[src]

Keneniah Maxwell is an African-American inmate featured in Oz. He is portrayed by Malik.

Character Summary[edit | edit source]

Kenaniah serves as a background character during the first, fourth and fifth season, as one of The Homeboys. In season 6, when Reggie Rawls is transferred to Em City, Kenaniah has a bigger role, and he can be seen with Poet and Reggie Rawls a lot more often..

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

Seasons 1, 4 & 5[edit | edit source]

Seen as background character.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

Kenaniah started to hang a lot with Poet and Reggie Rawls. Since the death of Augustus Hill, leader of The Homeboys, Burr Redding, had a mental breakdown and he stopped leading them. He is convinced by Kareem Saïd to get back in business, and to stop his men from dealing drugs. Redding decided that all The Homeboys would work in Telemarketing, against the other of the The Homeboys' will. Kenaniah, Poet, Reggie Rawls and the rest of The Homeboys decided to leave the Telemarketing business and went to work for Zahir Arif, at book binding.

Kenaniah, Reggie Rawls and Poet then ask inmate Jahfree Neema to lead them and he declines leadership.

After Samuel Gougeon destroys the book binding lab, at orders from Burr Redding, Kenaniah and The Homeboys come back to work at Telemarketing.

Later inmate Stanley Bukowski comes and gets a box full of Hash Cakes known to be fudge brownies. Kenaniah, Poet and Reggie Rawls use him for his recipe. The Italians quickly figure out Bukowski is selling Hash Cakes and cutting their profit, and soon enough they kill him.

Kenaniah takes part playing in Macbeth when Tobias Beecher kills Vern Schillinger by accident.

In the last scene of OZ, a package of anthrax is sent to Oz by Chris Keller. Oz has an Anthrax explotion and all the prisoners are being evacuated. Kenaniah is seen sitting next to jewish inmate Lemuel Idzik, in the one of the  evacuation buses.

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