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Katherine McLain
First appearance "Blizzard of '01" (episode 4.13)
Last appearance "Good Intentions" (episode 5.07)
Reason/Cause End of the story
Position Lawyer
Gender Female
Age 37
Spouse Tobias Beecher (ex boyfriend)
Children 1
Relatives Unseen son
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 9 episodes
Portrayed by Sandra Purpuro

Katherine McClain was a lawyer who represented for Tobias Beecher's parole in 2001 and later becomes his love interest for a while, she was portrayed by Sandra Purpuro.


Katherine was a lawyer who represented Tobias Beecher at his parole hearing and they would later start a relationship, but when Beecher's lover Chris Keller is sentenced to death, McLain would represent Keller and then give up as she knew Keller was really guilty causing her and Beecher to split up. Katherine represented Cyril O'Reily when he was up for death sentence for the murder of Li Chen.