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Julio Martinez

Martinez struggling to get free from Keane's grasp

Julio Martinez was a Latino inmate in Oz. Martinez was a member of El Norte during Jose Torres' rule. He was one of the Latinos never seen in Emerald City. He and another Latino, Jorge Vargas, are contracted by Ryan O'Reily to kill the leader of the Homeboys, Jefferson Keane. Keane is tossed into the gym by CO Healy. Martinez and Vargas then surround Keane. Keane tells them he doesn't want to fight, but Martinez disregards his pleas and attacks him anyway.

Vargas is knocked out by Keane early into the duel, leaving only Martinez to fight Keane. Martinez attempted to attack Keane again, but failed and was captured by Keane. Martinez struggled to get free, but had his neck broken by Keane. After killing Martinez, The COs revealed to Keane that the duel was a set-up, and Keane is sent to Death Row for killing Martinez, even though it was in self-defense. (Assumingly, the COs testified against him, and claimed it was murder)

Martinez is portrayed by Eddie J. Fernandez