Jorge Vargas

Jorge Vargas is a Latino inmate in Oz. Vargas was a member of El Norte during Jose Torres' rule. During God's Chillin', he and another latino, Julio Martinez, attempt to kill an african-american inmate (Jefferson Keane) in the gym. Keane asked what Vargas and Martinez wanted, but they didn't tell him. Keane then told Vargas and Martinez that he didn't want to fight, but Vargas and Martinez attacked him anyway.

With the COs watching and filming the duel to the death, Vargas attacked, but was knocked out by Keane early into the fight. Martinez on the other hand, continued the duel and tried to kill Keane, but failed and had his neck broken by Keane. After killing Martinez and knocking Vargas out, The COs revealed that the duel was a set-up. Keane was then sent to death row for killing Martinez, even though it was in self-defense. After this, Vargas is never seen or heard from again.

Vargas is portrayed by Raul Aranas

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