Jahfree Neema
Jahfree Neema.png
Neema as seen in his Crime Flashback
First appearance "A Failure to Communicate" (episode 6.04)
Last appearance "Exeunt Omnes" (episode 6.08)
Reason/Cause End of Series
Prisoner No. 03N679
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 42
Date of Conviction January 10, 2003
Affiliations Suzanne Fitzgerald
Spouse Unnamed Ex-Wife
Relatives Unnamed Daughter
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 4 Episodes
Portrayed by Peter Francis James

Jahfree Neema is an African American inmate featured in Oz. Portrayed by Peter Francis James.

Character Summary[edit | edit source]

Prisoner #03N679. Convicted January 10, 2003 - Kidnapping, Assault. Sentence: 7 years, eligible for parole in 3.

Neema is a Black inmate who was arrested after picking up his own daughter from school then flying her out of the US. He's divorced without custody of her, and so this is technically a kidnapping. He is a former Black Panther and recognizes his old love: Suzanne Fitzgerald, Ryan O'Reily's mother working at Oz.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Neema arrives in Emerald City and Suzanne asks Ryan to be gentle and helpful with him. Neema was responsible for Suzanne's entry into the world of protest. Ryan went to talk to Jahfree, but Neema repudiates Ryan. Then, Black inmates Reggie Rawls, Poet and Kenaniah Maxwell ask Neema to lead them, but he refuses. Neema starts respecting Ryan when he discovers that he is fighting to save his brother Cyril’s life. When Cyril’s execution day arrives, Neema organizes all of Emerald City's inmates to pound on the glass walls of their cells, however Cyril is still executed. When Ryan and Cyril’s father, Seamus O'Reily, arrives in Unit B he asks Aryan leader Vern Schillinger to kill Neema because he is jealous of the relationship present between Neema and Suzanne. Schillinger denies this request and Seamus decides to attack Neema himself. Seamus attacks Neema in the delivery room. Neema defends himself and ends stabbing Seamus. Neema is then thrown in the hole and is only let out when Oz is evacuated.

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