Huseni Mershah
First appearance "To Your Health" (episode 1.06)
Last appearance "Plan B" (episode 1.07)
Reason/Cause Suicide by Cutting
Prisoner No. 97M688
Aliases James Monroe Madison
Gender Male
Age 42 (Deceased)
Date of Conviction August 11, 1997
Date of Death August 24, 1997
Affiliations The Muslims
Spouse Unspecified
Relatives Unspecified
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 2 Episodes
Portrayed by Roger Guenveur Smith

Huseni Mershah (born James Monroe Madison) was a Muslim inmate featured in Oz. Portrayed by Roger Guenveur Smith.

Character Summary[edit | edit source]

Prisoner #97M688. Convicted August 11, 1997 - Attempted murder, first degree assault. Sentence: 20 years, eligible for parole in 3.

Imprisoned for an attempted murder of a Hasidic Jew who shot his friend, he challenges current Muslim leader Kareem Saïd upon his arrival. He is then excommunicated from the Muslims when he lets Said nearly die and then commits suicide while in the general population.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Mershah arrives in Oz and resides in Emerald City where he urges the Muslims to be more militant in their actions throughout Oz. He thinks current leader Kareem Saïd is incapable of pushing them the correct way so he spends his time condemning Saïd's abilities. When Kareem has a heart attack Mershah is the only one visible for help, but he refuses feeling that Said needs to die to help better the Muslim's cause.

He acts oblivious to witnessing this but is exposed when Kareem returns from the hospital and excommunicates him from the group. Angered by the excommunication, Mershah attempts to convince Unit Manager Tim McManus that Saïd is planning to riot against the staff. McManus however does not buy his pleas thinking that Mershah is reporting this information out of anger of being excommunicated. Warden Leo Glynn however remains cautious and orders a shakedown of Emerald City that results in a weapon seizure from every inmate except Saïd. Mershah is then transferred to Gen Pop where he apparently commits suicide because of depression.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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