Gordon Wood
Gordon Wood.jpg
First appearance "Plan B" (episode 1.07)
Last appearance "Plan B" (episode 1.07)
Reason/Cause End of Storyline
Position Correctional Officer
Gender Male
Age 28
Spouse Unspecified
Relatives Unspecified
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 1 Episode
Portrayed by Wood Harris

Gordon Wood is a corrections officer featured in Oz. Portrayed by Wood Harris.

Character Summary[edit | edit source]

His only purpose on the show is to provide a handgun to Muslim leader Kareem Saïd, which Saïd would later use during the riot in Em City at the end of season 1. This is supported by the fact that after he gives Saïd the handgun, he is never seen or mentioned again.

Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

After working in Oz for three weeks he is transferred to Emerald City to replace Vogelsang. He introduces himself to Wittlesey, then he almost immediately takes notice to Muslim leader Kareem Saïd.

In the laundry room, Saïd finds Wood snooping around in his laundry. Following a brief conversation with Saïd, Wood leaves Saïd who discovers a handgun Wood hid in the clothes dryer. After this, Wood is never heard from again.

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