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Fiona Zonioni
First appearance "Ancient Tribes" (episode 2.02)
Last appearance "Exeunt Omnes" (episode 6.08)
Reason/Cause End of Series
Prisoner No. 96Z506
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 31
Date of Conviction Sometime in 1996
Affiliations The Gays
Spouse None
Relatives None
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 35 Episodes
Portrayed by James Palacio

Fiona Zonioni is a homosexual and transvestite inmate featured in Oz. Portrayed by James Palacio.

Character Summary[]

A background inmate, Fiona has very few significant appearances during the show. He is usually seen with Tony Masters.

Plot Summary[]

Season 2[]

Fiona is seen during the re-opening of Emerald City, and he is allowed in Em City as a part of "the gays" prison group. He is seen delivering money to Bob Rebadow on behalf of the gays in an effort to help Rebadow's grandson afford a trip to an amusement park.

Season 3[]

During the boxing tournament, Fiona plays a ring girl between the rounds. He also shows support for Jason Cramer, the representative for the gays during the boxing tournament.

Season 4[]

Fiona is transferred to Unit B with Masters & Downing when Martin Querns took over Emerald City, then when Tim McManus is reinstated as unit manager, Fiona comes back to Em City.

Season 5[]

Agamemnon Busmalis recieves a letter from his fiancé Norma Clark, and he asks Fiona to read him the letter, as he believes it is the closest he will come to having a woman read him the letter.

Season 6[]

Seen as a background character with Alonzo Torquemada as he arrives and takes over the gays.

The Gays

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