Emilio Sanchez
Emilio Sanchez
First appearance "The Routine" (episode 1.01)
Last appearance "A Game of Checkers" (episode 1.08) (As Spirit)
Reason/Cause Disconected & Suffocated by Dino Ortolani As A Mercy Killing
Prisoner No. N/a
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 20s (Deceased)
Date of Conviction N/a
Date of Death July 12, 1997
Affiliations The Latinos and Unit E
Spouse Unnamed Spouse
Children 1
Relatives Unnamed Daughter
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 2 Episodes
Portrayed by Jose Soto

Emilio Sanchez was a Latino inmate in Oz. Portrayed by Jose Soto.

Plot Summary Edit

Sanchez only appeared in two episodes. In his only living appearance, Sanchez is in Unit E, also known as the AIDS ward, where he is slowly dying of AIDS. During his stay in E, he meets Dino Ortolani, who was assigned to work in E after severely beating a gay inmate, Billie Keane, in the showers. Though Ortolani doesn't seem to like it in E upon arrival, he changes his mind after meeting Sanchez. After a while, Sanchez evenutally asks Ortolani to kill him, as he can no longer bare living with AIDS. Ortolani doesn't agree initially, but after thinking about it, decides to do it. Later, during the night, Ortolani removes Sanchez from his life support and suffocates him to death. Sanchez is the first character on the series dying on-screen.

After Sanchez is killed, he returns later as a spirit in the Season 1 finale. Along with other major deceased characters.

Family Edit

During a conversation Sanchez and Ortolani were having, Sanchez tells Ortolani he has a daughter. This surprises Ortolani, because Ortolani thought Sanchez was gay. Sanchez tells Ortolani that gays have daughters and that his daughter is three.