Eddie Hunt was a correctional officer at Oz. He is portrayed by Murphy Guyer.

Character summary[edit | edit source]

He is one of the COs active in Emerald City in season 1 leading up to the riot. When a friend of his, fellow CO Lawrence Smith dies at the hands of an inmate, Hunt is one of the many COs to randomly brutalize inmates and one of the COs that volunteers to be on the firing squad that will kill Donald Groves, Smith's murderer, but he later expesses guilt over killing someone, and is also haunted by the fact that he has no way of knowing whether or not it was his gun that fired the fatal shot. When a riot erupts in Em City, Hunt is taken hostage where he displays his hatred of the entire set up of Em City to Unit Manager Tim McManus. When Em City is being recaptured, the COs are placed in a hostage line where Hunt and Anthony Nowakowski die accidentally from shots fired by the S.O.R.T Team.

Kill count[edit | edit source]


  • Donald Groves: Shot to death by a firing squad which Hunt was a part of.
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