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Donald Groves
Donald Groves
First appearance "The Routine" (episode 1.01)
Last appearance "Plan B" (episode 1.07)
"A Game of Checkers" (episode 1.08) (Hallucination)
Reason/Cause Executed by Firing Squad
Prisoner No. 97G414
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 34 (Deceased)
Date of Conviction July 3, 1997 (1st Conviction)
August 21, 1997 (2nd Conviction)
Date of Death August 24, 1997
Affiliations The Others
Spouse None
Relatives Unnamed Mother †
Unnamed Father †
Kill Count 3
Episode Count 8 Episodes
Portrayed by Sean Whitesell
"I only ate my mom. I was saving my dad for Thanksgiving."
Donald Groves[src]

Donald Groves was an inmate and a cannibalistic killer featured in Oz. Portrayed by Sean Whitesell.

Character Summary[]

"Prisoner number 97G414, Donald Groves. Convicted July 3, '97 - Two counts of murder in the first degree. Sentence: Life imprisonment..."
The Narrator[src]
"...Donald Groves. Convicted August 21. Murder in the first degree in the death of Corrections Officer Lawrence Smith. Sentence: Death."
The Narrator[src]

In the series, Groves was serving a life sentence for killing both of his parents. He then ate his mom and "was saving his father for Thanksgiving." He was transferred to Em City at the request of Tim McManus against the objections of Warden Glynn. Glynn eventually agreed, on the condition that McManus take Paul Markstrom as well (Markstrom, unbeknownst to McManus, was an undercover cop).

Plot Summary[]

Season 1[]

He is usually the comic relief through out the season as is he is almost always in trouble for sneaking into the morgue and saying that church is "nifty" and finding appeal though the idea of "eating" and "drinking" Jesus's blood through the offering of the bread and wine. Despite being young, white and introverted; qualities that invite abuse in prison, Groves is left alone due to the other prisoners' fear of his crime and lack of remorse. One night in his cell, he offers his cellmate Miguel Alvarez LSD before telling him that he was going to murder Glynn, but he ends up killing Officer Lawrence Smith, who dies saving Glynn. He is then sentenced to death and transferred to death row. A gang of CO's led by Eddie Hunt, angered about Smith's death, take it out on the other inmates by randomly attacking them. This results in several officers being temporarily suspended at McManus' request.

Groves says that his attempt on Glynn's life wasn't personal, but something that needed to be done on behalf of the prisoners. He chose to be executed by a firing squad. While Groves is on death row, he is visited by Smith's mother, who tells Groves that she forgives him for killing her son as well as that with her love of the lord, she loves him. This causes Groves to break down crying. Before his execution, Groves asks Father Ray Mukada to record his last words for Officer Smith's mother, but nobody could make out his last words and he dies before Father Mukada could find out what he said. None of the men present who would have been able to hear had listened.


Season 1

Kill Count[]


  • His Mother and Father: Both struck in the back of the head with a hammer. (1997)
  • Officer Lawrence Smith: Accidentally stabbed to death during an assassination attempt on Warden Glynn. (1997)


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