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Danny Rogers
First appearance "A Word to the Wise" (episode 4.06)
Last appearance "Impotence" (episode 5.08)
Reason/Cause End of storyline
Prisoner No. 97R899
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 30s
Date of Conviction Sometime in 1997
Affiliations The Aryans
Spouse None
Children None
Relatives None
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 4
Portrayed by Danny Rogers, Jr.

Danny Rogers is one of the background Aryan inmates played by Danny Rogers Jr.

Character overview[]

Seen as a background aryan inmate, he is loyal to Vern Schillinger & James Robson, he is a gangster for the brotherhood and helps out aryans like helping Robson kill a muslim inmate Ahmad Lalar and assist with Schillinger to get rid of Adam Guenzel.

Plot summary[]

Season 4 Part I[]

Rogers appears to have been seen once when he goes up to Bob Rebadow and tries to rob his food and Rebadow then grabs his pie and puts it in his face.

Season 5[]

Seen alot more in the season when he assists with James Robson to kill Ahmad Lalar, when he holds him down when Robson slashes him to death, he is with Schillinger & Robson when they rescue Franklin Winthrop from a obese African-American inmate Clarence Seroy and he is also talking with Schillinger about Adam Guenzel when Sister Pete wants to talk to him about his rape which causes him to get killed for trying to escape.

Kill count[]


  • Ahmad Lalar: Holding him down, while Robson was slashing him to death. (2002)