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Cornelius Keane
First appearance "Capital P" (Episode 1.04)
Last appearance "Capital P" (Episode 1.04)
Reason/Cause End of Storyline
Aliases None
Gender Male
Age 50s

Affiliations Jefferson Keane
Children 3
Relatives Jefferson Keane (son, deceased)
Billie Keane (son)
Grace Keane (daughter)
Kill Count 0
Episode Count 1
Portrayed by Frankie Faison

Cornelius Keane is a father to 2 inmates Jefferson and Billie Keane portrayed by Frankie Faison

Plot summary[]

Season 1, Episode 1.04 "Capital P"[]

Cornelius visits his son Jefferson Keane in the hospital after swapping his kidney with his sister Grace Keane and he is proud of what happened, he tells Jefferson that she is going to something good with her life, then he says Billie is going to be a fag, Jefferson tells his Father to love Billie like the same, Cornelius is getting comforted by a C.O Diane Wittlesey, he tells Wittlesey that Jefferson was his first son, then him and Kareem Said watch Jefferson through lethal injection after Jefferson spent time in Death Row.

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