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• 1/4/2019


In Season 6 Episode 3, it is mentioned by Rebadow that Busmalis has 12 years left in Oz. Did this come from digging the tunnels, or where did Busmalis get more years from? Why is it never mentioned in the series?

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• 10/3/2017

Discord Oz

I recently made Oz on a app/chat called Discord. A few things are different (Payday 2 guards, don't ask, my friend wanted them), and I have 22 people in it. If you would like to join it,send me a message and I'll give you a invite. If you don't know what Discord is, look it up.
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• 9/29/2017

Oz: Season 1

I just got the Fire Stick from Amazon and I just noticed I have all the Seasons available of Oz. YAY!!!!!

I am currently on Season 1. Re-watching this awesome series.
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• 12/1/2016
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